Bellesk House


Early Granton Waterfront residential development, Edinburgh.

This housing development is the first manifestation of the Llewellyn-Davies 'Waterfront Granton Master Plan' of December 2000 which set out proposals for the Edinburgh shoreline from Cramond to Leith.

The development includes 67 flats in five blocks arranged around a central landscaped courtyard. All levels are served by lifts and access is available to wheelchair users to all flats and penthouses.

At a glance

Location Granton, Edinburgh
Miller Homes
Status Completed


Urban response

The design provides a successful transition from lower rise development from the rear of the site to 6 storeys at the front. The development facing towards the sea also responds to the existing height and tenemental scale of the Lower Granton Road.

The site has a 7 metre fall from south to north offering the opportunity for amenity deck courtyards over private under croft car parking accessed from Lower Granton Road.